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 “Don’t hold back, baby!” Sugarmill Slim’s onstage mantra that they consistently recite to their bandmates, stems from their belief that, every show should be performed like it’s their last. It’s all about seizing the moment with Slim, drawing inspiration from no holds barred blues artists like Papa George Lightfoot, William Clarke and James Cotton as well as 70’s glam rock like Bowie, Iggy Pop and T. Rex. Playing fiery harp and singing songs about life in Los Angeles, Sugarmill Slim brings an electric show that features plenty of excitement, expert musicianship, and superbly applied eyeliner.

Sugarmill Slim’s debut album, released on their birthday, January 30th 2021, is full of the kind of fiery musicianship and glittery sass one can expect at every show. Recorded live to tape with the help of master producer Chuck Kavooras (Mannish Boys, Sugaray Rayford) the album contains a mix of originals and covers of some classic blues songs. In the spirit of holding nothing back, it was important for Slim to keep the record raw-sounding. “My goal was never to make a polished recording. This music is about honesty and if we edited out the warts and stains, I knew we weren’t gonna have a record I could be proud of”.

“I can’t be anything other than exactly what I am” says Slim. “I love blues music, it’s in my bones. But the energy of glam and punk flows through me. I’m not about to dress like Little Walter, or do my hair like Muddy Waters, cuz it wouldn’t be real. And if it isn’t real, it isn’t the blues.”  

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